➜FOV Slider (Up to 240)
➜Internal Camo Editor/Swap (Set any mastery/camo you want on any MW/WZ/VG gun, easy and fast)
➜Developer Clan Tags (Equip specific developer clan tags permanently, service can be done on console players too)
➜Third Person
➜Max Bright aka No Shadows
➜No Fog
➜No Stun
➜No Flash
➜Loot Check bypass
➜Colored Classes (NEW) (Can add buttons/symbols/colors to loudout names and is permanent once set)
➜Operator Swap (VG & CW operators in MW Amazing For Doing Service's)
➜Fps Boost
➜Heartbeat Cheat (Instant Ping / Infinite Distance)
➜Skip WZ Tutorial (This allows to skip the WZ tutorial)
➜Mini Map Size Changer