Spoofer Instructions

Here's a video of how to use the spoofer : https://youtu.be/Z99xaSfW0PQ

Here's how to enable Hyper-V : https://www.itechtics.com/enable-hyper-v-windows-10-home/


How to run GA cleaner:

1 -- Open the GA loader

2 -- Use Option 4: Run Cleaner

3 -- Select your COD directory

4 -- Let the cleaner finish, the cleaner makes you a new windows user

5 -- Restart your PC at this point

6 -- Make sure you're spoofed!

7 -- Shift + Right-click Battle.net and use "Run as different user" and enter the credentials of the cleaner-made windows user

9 -- Login to Battle.Net Launcher with a fresh Battle.net Account/Register an fresh account with the Battle.Net Launcher

10 -- Restart your PC

-- Now go to the next page of the guide, to learn how to spoof your pc!

How to use GhostAim spoofer:

1 -- Open the GA Loader

2 -- Run Start Driver 

3 -- Select Continue 

4 -- Select Enable Spoofer 

5 -- Set a 6 digit PIN (Use same PIN for same serials) 

6 -- Wait for the auto restart, after the restart reopen the GA Loader 

7 -- Hit Clean Traces (Do this after every driver start) 

8 -- Now start up your game launcher (If your using a cleaned windows user, use the Shift + Right-click method on the launcher to use the new windows user)

9 -- Now you’re all set!