The tool supports all Windows 10 Home/Pro builds from build 1903 and newer, all stable builds of Windows 11. Windows Server and 
11 Insider Preview (Dev) Builds is not supported.


OPTION 1(pic.1):

Before Running the Tool: 

  1. REMOVE ALL ANTIVIRUSES FROM YOUR PC (AVG/Avast/malwarebytes/everything else, uninstall absolutely EVERYTHING).
    Open Windows Defender and manually disable all sliders in Virus & threat protection

    Download Defender Control and press “Disable Windows Defender”. Restart your PC.
    The instruction is not a joke and if it says REMOVE ALL THIRD-PARTY ANTI-VIRUSES AND DISABLE WINDOWS DEFENDER, then this is exactly what you need to do!
  2. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019 Redistributable Package Hybrid 
  3. Make sure your time, date and timezone is synced with the Windows servers.
    Control Panel > Clock and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time > Sync
  4. Close any running game boosters. (Razer Game Booster, etc.)
  5. Uninstall Riot Games’ “Vanguard” (This would likely be installed if you play Valorant) and Face-IT anticheats, press Win+R > type msconfig > Services tab > find and disable EasyAntiCheat, ESEA and BattlEye services > Apply.


1) Steps 1/2/3/6 from the guide on how to use the tool :


    - You must close or uninstall other games anitcheats like Riot Vanguard, EasyAntiCheat, FaceIT.

    - Double-check ALL windows antivirus and firewalls are disabled. Any 3rd party antivirus needs to be uninstalled also. Not just disabled (examples would be Norton, McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Webroot, AVG, etc.)

    - Performance boosters like MSIAfterburner and similar software must be uninstalled as well.


2) Check in your windows folder for a driver iqvw64e.sys


     - The path is:  "windows\system32\drivers\iqvw64e.sys"

     - You need to delete it in safe mode or just cut it from windows folder and paste it to any place other than the windows folder (to desktop or drive D or something)


3) Press Win+R or use Search > type msconfig > go to Services tab > press "Hide all Microsoft services" > press Disable all > Apply > Restart PC
Even after uninstalling, Easy Anti-cheat and several other programs leave their services running in the system, which blocks the tool from working.


4) Even if you have used Defender control and you don’t have any other antivirus programs installed when you update Windows (most often automatically), some of the Windows Defender services are automatically activated.
To fix that you need to start Defender Control, activate Windows Defender and restart your PC, after reboot open Windows Defender and manually disable all sliders in Virus & threat protection > Manage settings as on 

after that start Defender control again and disable Windows Defender


5) Go to Settings > Privacy & security > Device security > Core isolation details and DISABLE Memory integrity and reboot your PC (pic.3)

Turn off Fast Startup if it is active and restart your PC.


  1. Press Win + R to open Run.
  2. Type control and click OK to open the Control Panel.
  3. Go to System and Security and then click on Power Options.
  4. In the left pane, click on Choose what the power buttons do.
  5. Next, click the Change settings that are currently unavailable link.
  6. Under the Shutdown settings section, check the Turn on fast startup (recommended) option to turn on the feature.
  7. Uncheck the Turn on fast startup option to turn it off.
  8. Click Save changes to apply the changes.
  9. Restart your PC.



OPTION 2 (pic.4):

1) Launch (the same for both MW and VG unlockers) RUT in this specific order:


    - Open launcher, then open RUT Launcher

    - When it asks for key, put your key and press enter on your keyboard (if it asks a 2nd time, enter key again)

    - Once you put key in it should stay at that screen and should be a little white line under the key… the unlock process startup and virtualization take some time, so just wait until it says "waiting for F2", once that happens click the Play button on

    - When the game gets to the main menu just select which COD you want to play MW or WZ, click on it to get to the lobby first, then click on RUT screen and press F2
(you will get a Fatal Error after pressing F2 if you are doing that in the game mode selection menu, and not in the lobby, press F2 once you’re in the lobby where your operator is walking)

    - If done correctly this should fix the bluescreening.



OPTION 3 (pic.5 and 6):


1) - Download Process Hacker 2.39    LINK = 

    - Once it’s installed, run it and go to the Services tab on the top left

    - Type intel in the search bar

    - Find MEIx64 / IntelPMT / Intel(R) PROSet / jhi_service / LMS / Telemetry drivers (just useless shit from intel, nothing special) and press right mouse button on it

    - Go to properties, and set the start type to Disabled

    - If your PC has all these drivers, then you need to disable all of them

    - Press OK and reboot your PC


How to fix Fatal Error after pressing F2:

See option 2, you activate the unlocker in the menu, not in the lobby


How to fix Error 0: Connection error:
Redownload the launcher 

If that doesn't help, then try to use any free VPN, like Windscribe, just change the connection region to something different from yours

Run the tool, put your key and wait for F2, disable VPN and run the game

How to fix Error 3: System is not supported:
See option 1, error 3 means that some antivirus or anti-cheat service is running

If you are sure that you did everything correctly, but you are still getting a blue screen - I'm sorry, but you need to do a clean install of Win10 (!), install C++ libraries from the guide and GPU drivers, without any motherboard or any other drivers, and then try to use the tool, everything should be smooth.