MW2 Unlock all Instructions


Hey there! I'm ZB, and I’m excited to share with you my MW2022 tool for Unlock all.


« This tool remains online even while all other tools are offline. »

Version of MWII (2022): The latest, supports both and Steam launchers, Multiplayer/DMZ/Warzone


Windows: Windows 10 version from 1903 and newer, all stable Windows 11 builds including 22h2 are supported. Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds is not supported.

Processors: Intel and AMD processors are both supported.
Note: VDS/VPS/VM servers are not supported.


Before running the tool: 

  1. REMOVE ALL ANTIVIRUSES FROM YOUR PC (AVG/Avast/malwarebytes/everything else, uninstall absolutely EVERYTHING), restart your PC, open Windows Defender and manually disable all sliders in Virus & threat protection

    Download Defender Control:, unpack and run it, click “Disable Windows Defender”.

    The instruction is not a joke and if it says REMOVE ALL THIRD-PARTY ANTI-VIRUSES AND MANUALLY TURN OFF WINDOWS DEFENDER, then this is exactly what you need to do!

Make sure your time, date and timezone is synced with the Windows servers. Control Panel > Clock and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time > Sync

Close any running game boosters. (Razer Game Booster, etc.)

Uninstall Riot Games’ “Vanguard” (This would likely be installed if you play Valorant) and Face-IT anticheats, press Win+R > type msconfig > Services tab > find and disable EasyAntiCheat, ESEA and BattlEye services > Apply > restart PC.

Please note: I highly recommend you to use a spoofer or cleaner (the software that resets all your PC's IDs to random values and the game client sees your PC as brand new when the game starts), even if you haven't had shadow or perm bans before, especially if you want to use this on multiple yours/someone else accounts - any working spoofer is guaranteed to reduce the chance of getting any random shadow bans (ping 350ms for 5-7 days) or perm banned. If one of your game accounts or PC at least once received a shadow or perm ban, then you MUST use a spoofer to avoid blocking your other accounts.

Why do I need to disable my anti-virus to download/run the tool?

Because the anti-virus classifies the tool as malicious since it is injected into the game’s process. But rest assured, the tool does absolutely no harm to your system in any way shape or form.


Unlocking process:

Follow the prompts of the launcher, we’ve tried our best to make the tool as user-friendly as possible.

  1. Download and unpack Launcher
  2. Close or Steam launcher
  3. Run the launcher with admin rights. (Right mouse button click, run as administrator) When prompted, paste (Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V) your key and press Enter. The process of startup take some time, so just wait until the launcher tell you to open the game,
  4. Once that happens click the Play button on or Steam. When you use your key for the first time it will be linked to your Hwid, so after starting the game.
  5. Switch the game from fullscreen to windowed mode in settings or press Alt+Enter before pressing Enter.
  6. Press Enter on your keyboard on game mode selection screen or in main lobby of any game mode (MW/WZ) Inject.
  7. Now Press Insert On your keyboard to open and close the menu.
  8. Press Unlock On to unlock everything PRESS IT ONE TIME after you made your classes press unlock off make sure its off before playing a game. Play with your new items, after game restart all that you have not equipped will be locked again.

About keys:

The Unlocker key is HWID locked.