Volorant Cheat: 

Start Here Guide:

  1. IMPORTANT. DO NOT SKIP:  Disable ALL antivirus and firewalls and delete ALL other 3rd party antivirus and other games anti-cheats..

    Anticheats: EasyAntiCheat, Faceit, BattleEye
    3rd party Antivirus: Norton, McAfee, Avast, Bitdefender, Webroot, AVG, etc.
    Download Windows Defender Control here:

  2. Download the following loader from here: https://zmservices.ca/pages/help

    (make sure you save it in a folder somewhere and use winrar)
    -Install DirectX:
     -Install C++ Runtime:

Run both DirectX: and Runtime as admin let us know if any issues.
  1. Make sure your UAC is disabled. Press windows key and type “User Account Control” and slide the slider all the way down, then restart PC.

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VGC Inject Video Guide

4.  Launch Valorant. ( If using a spoofer make sure to ask us any questions beforehand, steps may vary.)

Valorant must be 16:9 ratio and windowed fullscreen.
  1. 5. Que into a game. Once buy Phase starts round you can Open exe.
    Right-click and Open exe as Admin. (Extract from WinRAR before).
  2. 7. Enter the key, you will only have to only enter this once per key length.
    Follow the guide on the exe, Once it prompts you to select a date please enter.
    1) UK| EU
    2) United States| Canada

    Please enter the number and follow the exe.
    9. After all of this the menu will pop up, alt-tab back to game.
    10. If the menu does not show up please restart..
    11. We recommend after you win or lose disable all checkmarks before getting back into the main lobby, and re-enable them once back in the first buy phase. Screen below:

    Helpful Tips:
    -If you want to play legit only use esp.
    -any time you swap accounts restart pc.
    -make sure to restart when going back to main.
    -ofc if raging please use spoofer.
    -to fix any delay in the esp; Please make sure ram usage it low.
    -We recommend Shift for AB key

    Stay Safe Gamers