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Permanent Spoofer

Permanent Spoofer

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- Run the compatibility loader (click here)

- Purchase a USB (at least 8GBs)

This tool clears your ENTIRE hardware id fingerprint, this allows you to make a new account and play just like normal if they have put tracers or flagged your hardware id. This is perfect for those who want to have a second chance to play legit!

What are the requirements?
The requirements vary with each customer, please open a ticket on the Discord and find out.

Do I need to reformat & reset my PC?
Yes, it requires a full format of your PC to guarantee a safe spoof

Is it one click?
The spoof is fully automatic, but there are some mandatory instructions that you need to follow.

Is it permanent?
Yes, even if you formatted or change parts in your PC, you will be spoofed forever

Can it be detected or patched?
If you have successfully spoofed (more than 3 days without a ban), then no, you will never be able to get banned again, unless you decide to cheat

What happens if it doesn't work?
If you fail the spoofing process because we have unfortunately supplied you with wrong info, you will be compensated with a free re-spoof(s) or in some cases a refund at our own discretion. In other cases where you fail the process because you didn't read the instructions correctly, you will not be compensated and will need to purchase a $15 respoof.

What's your refund policy
If product is not compatible with your PC, we will issue a refund. If product doesn't work with your PC, we will issue a refund. If product works with your PC, and you don't want to use it, we will not issue a refund. REFUNDS can take up to TWO weeks
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